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The Utah XC League 2024
About the Utah XC League

The XC League is a cross-country competition where pilots are scored on out-and-back (flat/free triangle) and FAI triangle flights. Rather than awarding pilots based on pure distance, the XC League seeks to inspire new aesthetic routes. Flights are completed at each pilot's leisure—this is not a race-to-goal competition.

What is a Flat/Free Triangle?

A flat triangle is an out-and-back flight in which the distance between start and finish point (i.e., the closing distance) is less than 20% of the entire distance as given by the three turn points (start, turnpoint and finish). For a closer look see the XC Contest Rules here.

What is an FAI Triangle?

The Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI) defines an FAI triangle as a flight with four (4) turnpoints in which the triangle is defined by the start turnpoint and the next two (2) turnpoints. The shortest leg of the triangle must be at least 28% of the length of the entire triangle. Also, the closing distance (the distance between the end turnpoint and the start turnpoint) must be less than 20% of the entire distance defined by the triangle. See Fig. 1 or click here for more details about the FAI triangle and other competition rules.

FAI Triangle.jpg


Upload your IGC files after each flight to within two weeks of the date of the flight. XContest will not accept scores uploaded after this time and your flight cannot therefore be scored for the Utah XC League.  XContest software optimizes each tracklog and automatically selects the flight type and path (flat/free or FAI triangle) that produces the highest score.  Your three highest-scoring flights will be totaled to create your final Utah XC League score.

Study and understand the detailed scoring explanation on the XContest rules page to help you plan your flights for optimal scoring. Flight logs uploaded by other pilots, with their resulting scores, are an additional resource to help you plan your flights. Seek inspiration in Utah-based flight logs or in flight logs from around the world. The bottom line? The bigger the triangle and the closer you finish to where you started (closing the triangle), the higher your score.

You can also plan your triangles in advance and use an online tool like or to find the optimal day and time for your planned route.

Utah XC League Rules

  1. The Utah XC League is open to active annual UHGPGA members only.

  2. All flights must originate and terminate in Utah.

  3. No flight will violate Class B airspace.

  4. Utah XC League classifications include:

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