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UHGPGA Competition

UHGPGA sponsors a variety of annual competitive events for hang glider and paraglider pilots of all abilities. Whether you're making your first cross-country attempt or setting a club record, there's an event on the calendar to suit your skill level and goals. Consistent with United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association guidelines, all UHGPGA competitive events use the following glider classifications:

Description - Paraglider
Paraglider Examples
Description - Hang Glider
Hang Glider Examples
Women's Class
Any PG, female pilot
Any HG, female pilot
Master Class
Any PG, 55 or older
Any HG, 55 or older
Open Class
Gin Puma, Boomerang 12; Ozone Zeno II
Any HG, including rigid
Atos Series
Gin Camino; Ozone Alpina 4
WW T3; Moyes Litesport
Sport Class
Gin Atlas 2; Ozone Geo6
Double surface with king post
WW Sport 3; Moyes Gecko
Recreation Class
Gin Bolero 7; Ozone Element 3, Mojo 6
Single surface
WW Falcon 4; Moyes Malibu 2
Point Rat Image 1.jpg

Point Rat Series

The Utah Cup

Jupiter XC Tracklog_edited.jpg

Utah XC League

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