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Welcome to Point Rat Series 2023!

The 10th annual Point Rat Series is a four month long free flight competition for paragliders at the world-famous Point of the Mountain Flight Park in Draper, Utah. The series is comprised of a total of four elapsed time tasks to be run as many times as you want. A 10 point task bonus will be awarded to pilots who fly the task of the month, during that month. Pilots may upload tracklogs flown for any month's task within 3 days of the flight during the competition period starting May 1st and ending August 31st. The website scores your task each month based on your elapsed time and distance. Your track log must include your launch from the flight park fingers, but we will not score your track if you have not landed by  sunset. All applicable FAA rules apply and you must fly your glider within the certified weight range. After Task #4, we will drop your lowest score for final results. Each pilot can win only one competition class. You must be a current club member to be scored. Task difficulty will slowly increase with each task.

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