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POM South Side Rules
  • Follow all posted Utah State Park regulations.

  • Motorized aircraft may not launch or land on UHGPGA or State Park property. Motor pilots must remain clear of the Flight Park when under power.

  • Wear a helmet any time you are attached to a glider.

  • Kiting in or upwind of the hang glider set-up and landing area is prohibited.

  • The Launch Box is the area between the pattern flags extending 20 feet back from the windward edge (see diagram above). When the pattern flag is green, enter the Launch Box, proceed to the edge and launch. No kiting or sliders in this area. If airborne and you see someone in the launch box, assume they are attempting to launch and give way.

  • Pilots wishing to kite or perform sliders should do so east or west of the pattern flags (screw-around areas).

  • Immediately before launching, clear traffic and yell “Clear” or “Launching.”

  • Adhere to USHPA Ridge Rules procedures.

  • Clear the LZ immediately after landing. Remain alert for incoming gliders as you clear the LZ. You may not kite in the LZ, but kiting is permitted in the raised gravel area to the east of the LZ and parking lot. Vehicles are to remain clear of the LZ at all times.

  • Land before official sunset (FAR Part 103).

Incident Awareness and Response
  • Fly with the Zello app open in the background and the UHGPGA channel live. Click here for app and channel. Announcements will be made over the channel, just like walkie talkie.

  • While airborne, be alert for the lights or sirens of emergency vehicles below. They may be responding to a flight incident or accident in the Flight Park or its environs.

  • The presence of emergency vehicles, smoke canister, and/or car on launch with its lights on and alarm blaring requires you to land. A helicopter (or gust front) may be en route. Secure wings as soon as possible.

Staying Safe at the South Side
  • The maximum recommended wind speed for P2 pilots is 15mph, and 18mph for P3 pilots. Winds are safe for launch when blowing from 160° to 200°.

  • Be aware that students and visitors unfamiliar with USHPA’s Ridge Rules may be in the pattern with you.

  • Avoid blow-back conditions. Stronger than anticipated winds can rapidly carry you north towards towers, power lines and steep gravel pit drop-offs behind the camper parking area at the rear of the park.

  • Pilots attempting a downwind-base-final approach to a top landing may experience a low base or final turn, resulting in impact at high groundspeed. Instead, start your approach and top-landing no lower than 100’ above the hill and crabbing into the wind, with the ridge on your right and your back to the lip. Do not point the nose north of the valley windmills.

  • The South Side occasionally develops “holes” in lift resulting in inadvertent top or sidehill landings.

  • Strong or gusty winds and bad inflations can easily result in pilots being dragged. Delay launch, or land if airborne when

  1. you find yourself blocking collapses, or

  2. conditions become too crowded for your ability, or

  3. the air becomes excessively textured, especially close to the ground.

  • For paragliders, if you see higher performance hang gliders launch and soar, conditions have probably exceeded your limits.

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