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You can do this.


If you've watched our pilot-members soaring gracefully over Steep Mountain in the late afternoon, you've probably thought to yourself "That looks easy!" or "I'd like to try that!" Experienced pilots make it look easy, but they have hundreds of flights under their belt and sometimes thousands of hours in the air. Make no mistake—no one should attempt to operate a paraglider or hang glider without receiving professional instruction first.*


The Utah Hang Glider and Paraglider Association works closely with a number of excellent local flight schools.  Newcomers can sign up for an introductory tandem flight, where they ride alongside an experienced instructor pilot to find out what it's really like to fly a paraglider or hang glider. Caution: you might get addicted!  You can then begin your free flight journey under the careful supervision of a USHPA* certified instructor who will help you gain and demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to join the thousands of free flight enthusiasts who get it when we say...

This Is Freedom!

*The United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (USHPA) is the governing and rating body that oversees free flight training and certification in the United States.

Flight Schools

The flight schools listed below offer beginner to advanced training from USHPA-certified instructors. The Utah Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association is not affiliated with any of the schools listed below and does not sponsor or endorse any school or individual instructor.

Big Sky Paragliding

Contact Dale Covington at 801-699-1462 or visit

Birdman Academy Hang Gliding and Paragliding

Contact Kevin Koonce at 801-448-2494 or visit

Wasatch Hang Gliding

Contact Ted Hurley at 801-382-8377 or visit

Cloud 9

Contact Steve Mayer at 801-576-6460 or visit

Nice Sky Adventures

Contact Chris Hunlow at 801-896-SOAR (7627) or visit

Point of the Mountain Paragliding

Contact Patrick Johnson at 801-209-5509 or visit

Super Fly Paragliding

Contact Chris Santacroce at 801-255-9595 or visit

Two Can Fly Paragliding

Contact Ken Hudonjorgensen at 801-971-3414 or visit

Utah Paragliding

Contact Jonathan Jefferies at 801-368-5139 or visit

White Cloud Adventures

Contact Ben White at 978-778-8286 or visit

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