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Getting There:

From I-15, take Exit 272 onto 800 North in Orem and head east towards Provo Canyon. At US 189 stay left and enter the canyon. In two miles turn right onto Squaw Peak Road. Follow this paved public road four miles to the parking lot.

Road Conditions:

The road is paved and well-maintained all the way to the launch site. During snow season, the Forest Service closes the road to motor vehicles at a gate just past the rifle range turnoff. Pilots wishing to fly when the road is closed can leave a vehicle in the parking lot east of the gate and hike the remaining 3 miles to launch.

The Setup:

At the Squaw Peak Overlook, the setup area is below the low stone wall bordering the parking lot. This grassy quarter-acre hillside affords plenty of room to set up and launch several gliders. The overlook is a popular tourist attraction, and crowds tend to gather at precisely the time pilots want to fly—late afternoons and evenings before the glassoff. During preflight operations, politely ask onlookers to remain behind the stone wall.

Inspo is a P3/H4 site, P2/H3 with an instructor or local guide. A west wind works best. Midday valley heating produces cyclic thermic turbulence, and rotors behind the launch area are common.

The LZs are clearly visible about 1500 feet below and between 1.3 and 1.8 miles from launch. You will cross a 75-foot tall line of transmission wires and towers downslope and one mile west of the launch. Reaching either LZ requires overflight of dense suburban neighborhoods. The high minimum glide ratio required to safely reach the closest LZ, combined with the lack of safe bailout LZs, makes this site unsuitable for mini-wings and speed-wings. Note: The former Park LZ south of 3950 North is under renovation and unavailable for safe approaches and landings. 

Do not launch in suspected zero-lift conditions. Most pilots search for lift while still in the launch area, gaining altitude over the bench before committing to an LZ. High-performance hang gliders have found it challenging to reach the Church LZ on a sled run.

The Landing Zones:

The athletic field east of Canyon Crest Elementary School is the closest LZ and very reachable for paragliders. This 7-acre field is bordered north and south by tall desiduous trees. Its east boundary, at the bottom of a very steep hillside, is crossed by 50-foot tall wires. The field is dotted with fixed playground furniture including backstops and soccer goals.

As you approach the LZ, note that what looked like a single level field from the air is actually two terraced surfaces with steep slopes between each terrace. Plan your landing accordingly.

Do not launch if your flight plan depends on the use of the School LZ during normal school hours.


Use of this LZ during school hours (Mon-Fri 8am to 3pm) will result in loss of access, and without this LZ, Inspo will not be a safe launch site for paragliders. Expect children to be present even outside of school hours, and be sure to scout the LZ on your way to launch.

The 6-acre athletic field west of the Latter-day Saint chapel is the farthest LZ from launch. With no permanent obstructions and a clear, wire-free approach from the west, this is the preferred LZ for hang gliders. Do not use the church LZ on Sundays. After landing, promtly disassemble or fold and remove your glider. The pavilion is not available without prior authorization.

Both LZs are in noise- and traffic-sensitive neighborhoods. Our hosts are the Provo City School District and the local wards of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Your professional and courteous conduct on their premises is appreciated.

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