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Getting There:

From the I-215 East Belt Route, take Exit 4 onto Wasatch Boulevard and continue north 1 mile to E 3300 South. Turn right. Eastwood Elementary School is directly in front of you, with parking on the north side of the campus and the LZ to the east. Continue north on Wasatch Boulevard to the Grandeur Peak Trail parking lot. This is the trailhead.

Trail Conditions:

Grandeur is a hike-and-fly site only. The trail to the North and Upper North launch sites is approximately one mile long. About one-third of a mile up this trail is the lower branch trail to the South Launch. On either trail you will be climbing a steep path in open, brushy terrain. The Great Basin rattlesnake, a protected species in Utah, is a common sight along the Grandeur Peak Trail, especially during the spring and fall when he is active during daylight hours. Watch your footing and give any rattlers you encounter a wide berth. Be familiar with First Aid for a snake bite.

The Setup:

The North and Upper North launches are along the trail on the spine of the ridgeline leading up to Grandeur Peak. The trail grade levels somewhat and you’ll come to a wide flat spot just past a trail fork leading south. This is the North Launch. If you follow the trail another 300 yards upslope, you’ll reach the Upper North Launch. Both launch areas offer plenty of room in which to set up and select a takeoff point.

The North Launch is the easier of the two, and works well with northwest to southwest wind. The broad grassy setup area offers plenty of room to spread out and select a takeoff point. Chances of climbing out from this site are about 50%. The Upper North Launch is steeper and rockier but affords an 80% chance of climbing out during the right conditions.

This is a P3 site, or P2 with an instructor. Midday thermic turbulence is common and should be avoided by P2 pilots.

The South Launch works better with south to southwest winds, and is more directly aligned with the LZ.

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The Landing Zone:

Reaching the LZ requires overflight of a dense suburban neighborhood. The LZ consists of playing fields at Eastwood Elementary School, and for this reason the site is not available during normal school hours. Children may be present in the LZ at any time. After school and weekends, it is common for all useable landing fields to be occupied by youth sports leagues, and law enforcement has in the past responded to complaints of glider pilots interrupting games.


Scout this LZ before launch. Be in phone or radio contact with a spotter at the LZ, and do not launch if you cannot maintain adequate separation when you land. “Adequate separation” means non-participants do not have to pause or alter their activities to accommodate your arrival!

The longer, narrower upper LZ is on the east side of the school building with a steep embankment on its eastern edge. The square lower LZ is south of the school building. There are no wires around the perimeter of the LZ, but both landings sites have fixed playground structures plainly visible. All landing surfaces are level, well-drained turf.

Site Sensitivities:

Park and begin your hike from the public parking area on Wasatch Boulevard. Avoid parking on neighborhood streets, especially the dead end on Cascade Way.

The hike to all launches is primarily on Wasatch National Forest land, but you will traverse (and possibly launch from) private property as well. You will share the trail with other hikers. After landing, promptly disassemble and remove your glider. This site is noise- and traffic-sensitive. Our host is the Granite School District, and they appreciate your professional and considerate use of their property.

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