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The dirt Forest Service road from Hobble Creek Canyon to the car park at Camel's traverses six miles of washboarded rocky trail and requires 4WD at all times. During winter the road will be impassable to all vehicles except snowmobiles and ATV's. Upon reaching the car park, leave your vehicle and hike the remaining 300 yards uphill to the launch site at the small peak overlooking the valley. Do not attempt to drive past the barriers at the car park!

The Launch

The small hilltop setup and launch area is rocky and drops off steeply to the east, south and west. There are no tie-downs present. Average slope for the first 300 feet is 76%. Morning sun heats the backside, resulting in tailwinds and downflow. Do not launch with a tailwind! As midday sun warms the valley, thermals cycle through and can be quite turbulent. While primarily a high altitude mountain thermal site, Camel's has ridge soaring potential in prevailing south winds. The evening glass-off is the most promising time to fly this site. The LZ is clearly visible from the launch site, with the white W-shaped junior high school prominent on a heading of 207°.

View of the Junior High LZ from the Camel's Launch, looking southwest.
The Landing Zone

The Junior High LZ is on public school property and is unavailable during school hours (Mon-Fri 8am to 5pm). Children may be present at any time, so scout this LZ on your way up to launch. There are no permanent tie-downs in any landing zones or parking areas. The landing zone is an 8-acre field northeast of Springville Junior High. The surface is well-drained level turf, with a usable landing distance of 800 feet. Disc golf baskets dot the perimeter of the field but the center is clear of obstructions. Arriving at 300’ above this field in zero-wind, neutral-lift conditions via direct routing requires a minimum glide ratio of 2.6:1.

Retrieve crews should confirm the LZ remains clear. After landing, promptly exit the LZ and disassemble or fold your glider. This site is noise- and traffic-sensitive. The Nebo School District hosts this LZ, and they appreciate your professional and considerate use of their property.

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