Utah XC League



Hang gliding and paragliding are INHERENTLY DANGEROUS; UHGPGA recommends pilots complete a pilot training program under the direct supervision of a USHPA-certified instructor, including a full XC-focused SIV course using safe equipment suitable for your level of experience.  Flying cross country in the Wasatch is more demanding and dangerous than other sites due to the high-mountain desert climate and frequency of high winds aloft.
If you really must fly XC in Utah.
The Utah XC league is an XContest-based competition for XC pilots. Registered pilots anywhere can fly a league flight.  If desired, pilots can gather to discuss how to get the most out of a day and then try to fly that concept together.
For newer pilots, come and offer to drive; ask for site briefings and advice for getting into cross country flying.  You are responsible from whom who you choose to accept advice!  
Drivers may be needed and should expect to drive a competitor’s vehicle and to be paid.


Each pilot’s three best scores will be counted (excluding  open distance flights before 5 pm, unless they are declared goal).  XContest automatically scores flights, assigning a point value to each flight.  For the purpose of the Utah XC League, general open distance flights are excluded, unless they are declared goal.
Examples of valid flights for the Utah XC League:
- out-and-back flights
- triangles
- 'open' distance with declared goal
- open distance after 5 pm
Example of flight not counted for XC League:
- open distance with launch before 5 pm
Submit flights at XContest at http://www.xcontest.org/world/en/flights/
For flights originating after 5PM; the Utah XC League will give a 2.5X multiplier.  You must be timely uploading your flights to XContest as flights older than 14 days will be rejected.
All flights must originate in Utah.
For flights originating after 5PM, all flights, including open distance will be counted with a 2.5X multiplier of your XContest score.  
Send XContest scores to UHGPGA Secretary for compilation and posting.


Open Class - All paragliders and hang gliders
Serial Class – EN-D three riser configured paragliders, including EN-C paragliders with an aspect ratio of 6.4 or higher, and equivalent HG
Sport Class – EN-C including EN-B paragliders with an aspect ratio of 6.0 or higher, and equivalent HG
Basic Class – EN-A paragliders, and EN-B paragliders with an aspect ratio less than 6.0, and equivalent HG

Logistics & Registration

Register on the XContest webpage.  https://www.xcontest.org/world/en/
Pilots should carry cash to pay for gas and driver. All pilots should have a spot/delorme with tracking and be on Dave Wheeler’s XCfind page (please donate $20/year to Dave for site upkeep).
Driver-rider arrangements should be established prior to launching.  Drivers, make sure all riders understand what they are paying you.  Drivers should be paid a minimum of $15 per hour with a maximum of $120.  Vehicle owners should be paid $.058 per mile for gas and maintenance.


The winner of each category will be awarded a gift card for $100.00.
Second place will be awarded $50
Third place will be awarded $25

Way Points

 Download for FlySkyHy (GPX)


 Download for XCTrack/LK8000 (CUP)


 Download for XCSoar (WPT)


 Download various formats (ZIP)


Utah XC League Leaderboard:

Class Pilot Points
Open Arash Farhang 478
Bob Janzen 234
Dave Elliott 123
Serial (D)
Sport (C) Arash Farhang 478 Sigma 10
Basic (A/B) Bob Janzen 234 Iota
Dave Elliott 123 Rook 2
Jonathan Leusden 98 Rook 2


Utah XC League Tasks and Points (3 best flights)
 Pilot  Total Points Flight  Type (triangle, out and back, after 5 pm, etc.)  XContest points  after 5 pm multiplier 2.5  Total points per task
 Arash Farhang  478  Jupiter/Inspo/Emigration  triangle  158.99  1  158.99
 Inspo/Emigration  out and back  130.64  1  130.64
 Olympus to Woodland Hills  Open distance after 5 pm  75.45  2.5  188.6
 Inspo/Nebo/Spanish Fk  triangle  117  1
 Dave Elliott  123  'B' to Alpine  Open distance after 5 pm  24.35  2.5  60.87
 'B' to POM  Open distance after 5 pm  25.02  2.5  62.55
 Bob Janzen  234  Inspo/Timp  triangle after 5 pm  30.81  2.5  77.02
 Grandeur to POM  open distance after 5 pm  35.58  2.5  88.95
 Inspo/Timp (Aug 5)  triangle ( after 5 pm)  27.45  2.5  68.62
 Jonathan Leusden 98 Cove flight  Triangle (after 5 pm)  39.58  2.5  98.95

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