Utah XC League 2015


Come Join Us!

The Utah XC league is a race-to-goal & open distance competition designed to be both competitive and instructional for pilots of all levels. Tasks will be designed to allow majority of pilots to make goal, while still allowing top pilots to continue for distance,
triangle, or out-and-back records. A P3 rating with turbulence sign-off is required for competition pilots, however all pilots are encouraged to attend.

What You Should Expect:

  • Organized retrieve and ride to launch
  • Weather and site briefing
  • Mini-clinics on all topics related to flying
  • Safety from flying with the buddy system

Awards for Sport (EN A-B), Serial (EN C-D), Open (all wings including competition class) will be provided by Superfly and Cloud 9!


  • May 16-17
  • June 6-7
  • July 18-19
  • Aug 1-2
  • Aug 22-23
  • Sept 5-6

Logistics & Registration

All communication regarding meets will be on the Facebook page “Utah XC Projects”. Meets may be canceled or postponed due to weather. Only top 3 tasks will be scored. Main launches will be Inspo, Horse Heaven, and Jupiter. Keep an eye out on Facebook for when/where. Van(s) will be rented for retrieve when we have a designated retrieve driver and enough pilots to justify. Pilots must bring $50 cash to each meet to pay for gas and driver. All pilots MUST have a spot/delorme and be on Dave Wheeler’s XCfind page (please donate $20/year to Dave for site upkeep).

To register pay $50 via paypal to


(registration fees for out-of-state pilots will be waived). This cost will help cover the van rentals. Also send an email to Neil including:

  • Name/Cell phone
  • Emergency Contact Name/Cell phone
  • Glider/Make/Model/Colors/Rating

New Pilots and Retrieve Drivers Wanted!

If you are an in-experienced pilot and want to come out and gain info about the sites, weather, and hard-earned flying  knowledge, come be a retrieve driver! No registration costs, $0.58/mile paid for gas, and you may even be able to fly if conditions/skills permit. If you know of someone who wants to come out and chase paragliders with a radio and GPS sell them on being a retrieve driver! They will be paid up to $100/day and $0.58/mile for gas if using personal vehicle.

Contact Cody cody.mittanck@gmail.com if interested in retrieve driving.

Way Points

 Download for FlySkyHy (GPX)


 Download for XCTrack/LK8000 (CUP)


 Download for XCSoar (WPT)


 Download various formats (ZIP)


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